Why Japan Is One Of The Best Campervan Spots In The World

Many people think of anime, samurais, and cherry blossom trees when they think about Japan, but did you know that Japan is also the best camper van spot across the globe? Let’s explore why you need to add Japan to your list of must-visit places for your camper van adventures!

Why You Need To Travel Japan By Van?

Japan, as a country, has made itself uniquely suitable for campervan adventures. Japanese camper vans are equipped with everything you will ever need while being on the road. Following are all the reasons you need to take a trip across Japan by campervan:

1. Best Roads For Driving

Japan’s road network is a dream for any driving enthusiast. From the iconic Hakone Turnpike to the serpentine roads of the Noto Peninsula, each route promises people who wish to travel across Japan by van a driving experience like no other.

The well-maintained roads offer smooth drives through diverse terrains, making every journey an adventure. Scenic viewpoints and roadside attractions dot the highways, encouraging travelers to make spontaneous stops.

1. Availability Of Rental Campervans

For those without their own campervan, Japan offers a plethora of rental options. Numerous companies provide a range of vehicles, from compact vans to fully-equipped motorhomes, catering to various budgets and preferences.

Selecting the ideal service for campervan rental in Japan involves considering factors like vehicle size, amenities, and rental terms. Researching reviews and seeking recommendations can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. You can contact Samurai Campers for the best campervan service in Japan.

2. Beautiful Views

Japan’s landscapes are more than just scenic; they are postcard-perfect. From the iconic Mount Fuji to the serene lakes and coastlines, each view is a testament to the country’s natural beauty. Travelers share their encounters with awe-inspiring views, recounting moments when the journey itself became the destination. These firsthand accounts capture the essence of campervan travel in Japan.

3. Ignition Of Spontaneity

One of the joys of campervan travel is the ability to embrace spontaneity. Unplanned detours and unexpected discoveries often lead to the most memorable experiences, turning a simple road trip into an adventure.

You can easily toss aside rigid plans and allow the journey to unfold organically. After all, embracing the unknown in Japan adds an element of excitement, ensuring that every day on the road holds a new surprise.

4. Affordable Hotels

Japan offers a range of accommodation options for people who want to travel by campervan, presenting a cost-effective alternative. These savings on lodging can be redirected towards experiencing more of Japan’s attractions and local cuisine.

You can budget for a nice campervan trip by using cost-saving measures like cooking meals in the campervan and taking advantage of free campsites to maximize your travel funds.

5. Many Road Side Stations

A distinctive feature of Japanese roadways is that roadside stations, called Michi no Eki, offer more than just rest stops. They have local produce, crafts, and cultural experience packages, providing people who wish to get a taste of Japanese culture with a unique glimpse into regional life.

From hot spring foot baths to regional delicacies, roadside stations enrich the journey with diverse offerings. We encourage you to explore these stops for a taste of authentic Japanese culture.

6. Hot Spring Bath Houses At Every Few Kilometers

Japan’s onsen culture is intertwined with the campervan experience. Natural hot springs are scattered across the country, providing travelers with opportunities to relax and rejuvenate amidst stunning landscapes.

Immersing yourself in an onsen after a long day on the road becomes a ritual for campervan travelers. The therapeutic benefits and the cultural significance of these hot spring baths add a unique dimension to your journey.

7. Free Campsites Across The Country

Contrary to common belief, Japan offers a network of free campsites. These sites provide a budget-friendly option for campervan enthusiasts, allowing you to connect with nature without the constraints of traditional accommodations. Additionally, in Japan, traveling by van is seen as a regular vacation activity and is even encouraged.

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Japan is a paradise destination for people who wish to experience the campervan life. There is something for everyone, from the stunning landscapes to the well-maintained roads. The blend of modernity and tradition makes it a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

So, pack your bags, rent a camper van from Samurai Campers, and embark on a journey that you’ll never forget. Who knows, you might just find yourself falling in love with Japan like so many others have before you. Happy travels!

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