Best Camping Spots In Tokyo For A Long Weekend

camping in Tokyo

Are you an outdoorsy kind of person? If your wanderlust has been calling on you to camp under the beautiful night sky of Tokoyo, then you are in luck. We have all the best riverside and family-friendly camping spots near Tokoyo. Let’s start!

Family-Friendly Camping Spots Near Tokyo

If you are on the hunt for the best family-friendly camping spots in Tokoyo, Japan, here are the top 7 contenders:

1. Hikawa

Hikawa Campsite, one of the most popular in Tokyo, provides you with the ultimate riverside camping experience. Located near the border of Saitama in Okutama, the Nishitama District of Tokyo, this camping ground is notorious for giving off the vibes of a traditional campsite. You can book your trip both online and by calling in.

This all-year-round camping place acts as a summer retreat for people who wish to get the full experience of riverside camping with a mountainous backdrop. Its popularity can also be attributed to the various amenities offered to its campers, with BBQ facilities, nearby convenience stores, rental shops, rentable bungalows, and chalets. You can take a train there through the Ōme Line, where you can get off at the Okutama Station.

2. Ochizawa Youth Center

Although lesser known, Ochizawa Youth Center is a great campsite with cabins and multipurpose rooms located on the outskirts of central Tokoyo in Aiharamachi, Machida. It also has the best BBQ and various outdoor activity facilities. It has two close landmarks, Mount Takao and the JR Musashi Itsukaichi Station.

3. Jonanjima Seaside Park

This park is near Heiwajima Park in Ota-ku, Tokyo, within the Jonanjimakaihin Koen Camping Ground. Overlooking the city, you can get a clear view of the twinkling lights at night to appreciate the full beauty of Tokyo. Even though the park is not as big, it faces the water, providing a seaside camping experience.

When it comes to amenities, the park is packed with a skateboard plaza, BBQ facilities, and on-site toilets. The park also has the perfect view of Haneda airport, where you can spot airplanes taking off and landing constantly. You can only book by phone; the nearest train station is the Omori Station on the Keikyu Line.

4. Heiwajima Park

This park has an all-year-round camping ground located in Ota City near Oifuto Central Seaside Park. It is the perfect spot for a family-friendly camping trip with amenities for a lovely BBQ.

It has around 18 different campsites and is a popular area for campers since it is surrounded by enough greenery to give the atmosphere of a forest camping trip. You can only make reservations by phone; the closest landmark is the Heiwajima Station of the Keikyu Line.

5. Kanotoen

Being one of the most vibrant places to camp in Tokyo, the Kanotoen Campground can be found in the Nishitama Hinohara Village. The campsites are situated in the Okutama mountains, and the nearest train stop is the JR Musashi Itsukaichi Station.

Here, the various amenities you can take advantage of include BBQ facilities, a fishing hole, an onsen, and a rock climbing area. The camp also provides the option of traditional Japanese meals if you want to taste the cuisine.

6. Otake

This all-year-around campsite is not only located near the heart of Tokyo, but it also provides a faraway vibe with a serene atmosphere. Being situated on a creek in Akiruno, it has cool weather where you can get away from your hectic life in the city.

You can also add to your outdoor experience of riverside camping by utilizing the fishing sites nearby, i.e., Limestone Caves and Falls. The nearest public transport is the Odake Shonudo Iriguchi bus stop. You can go to this bus stop by taking the JR Itsukaichi Line and getting off at the Musashi-Itsukaichi Station, then continuing your journey by bus.

7. Wakasu Park

Located in Koto City and a 15-minute drive from the Shinkiba Station on the Keiyo Line, this camping site near Tokyo has all the best views of the Tokyo Bay, city lights, and the Tokyo Gate Bridge.


This all-year-round campsite has plenty of space for you to set up your camper van for a night or two. Being a family-friendly camping location, it has many amenities like communal furnaces, washing stations, and bathrooms.

To Wrap Up

There are many places in Japan where you can set up camp for a family-friendly trip across the land of cherry blossom trees. The above-mentioned are the top seven best camping spots near Tokyo.

If you wish to also camp in one of these spots, you will need to rent a campervan for an authentic experience. Samurai Campers provides the best and most affordable camping car rental services in Tokyo. Call in to book the campervan of your choice and make your trip across the land of the rising sun a memorable one.

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